From Buzzfeed

In case you haven’t been adequately keeping up with the Kardashians, allow me to inform you that Kim K and her sister Kourtney are currently on a girls’ holiday in Mexico to celebrate Kourt’s 38th birthday.

Dooooooooon’t care

Wait, the Kardashians are in their late 30’s? Isn’t that about the time people stop caring about celebutantes? Yup. So what does the brilliant Kim K do apparently, live tweet her talking shit about all her “friends”.


and this is where I come in, because the Trail Blazers account was tweeting about sleeping in puke while the team was DOWN 30 POINTS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF AN ELIMINATION GAME!


Back to the good part….

Aaaaaand you weren’t worried about her? Your friend, gone, in Mexico, for 2 days? Oooooookay

I can only assume what that is, seems fun…

Only one problem with that here’s your flawless body

ONE. Girls, don’t tweet drunk. I know you think you have the most riveting things to say after a bottle of Rose, but it can wait

TWO. Stop making stupid people famous


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