Ivanka Trump was at the W20 Woman’s Panel today, in case you missed it:

Jesus Christ, is fucking Aroldis Chapman throwing 104 MPH fast balls from that podium? Germany isn’t exactly a country known for throwing lobs down the middle of the plate but this is straight chin music.

“The German audience is not that familiar with the concept of a first daughter,”

“I’d like to ask you, what is your role, and who are you representing: your father as president of the United States, the American people, or your business?”

She was was also hissed at when she said her father was an advocate for women:

But why is she at the W20 Summit? Angela Merkel, or as I’ve just dubbed her, the Bad Girl of International Politics, invited her. But I have a feeling Ivanka feels more like this:

If you want more details or in depth analysis Google a source far more educated than myself. I just think this world is too damn funny


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