Saw this on ‘ol Instagram. Biebs is a Toronto guy, naturally he’s got a healthy rivalry with Montreal. But wait a minute, farther? First of all it would be further, EXCEPT Montreal ALSO lost, ALSO in round 1, ALSO in game 6. What is he talking about? So of course I launched an inquiry into: Is Justin Bieber the worst sports fan of all time? Lets look at the pics:


b h oilers


j h winni

Young Biebs repping Winnipeg, naturally he gets the Captain’s “C”

b h rangers

Biebs with the coveted “I Heart Music Award” in a New York Rangers sweater

Philly, Phoenix, Nashville, Detroit, and Chicago. Detroit and Chicago are pretty big rivals.


Cleveland, New York Nets, LA Clippers, and OKC


Beibs…. oh wait, not him. Dude kind of looks like him though, my bad.

j bb tor.chi

Chicago hat, Toronto Shirt


b b Chi.Tor

Toronto hat, Chicago shirt

j f dallas

The Beibs even dabbles in some football.

So, is he the worst fan of all time? Who knows, but he certainly has no loyalty. But we could have just asked Selena about that.


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