The long-in-development Wheel of Time TV series adaptation has set its showrunner and production studio, IGN has learned.

Rafe Judkins has been tapped to┬áserve as showrunner, executive producer and writer on the Wheel of Time TV show. A longtime fan of Robert Jordan’s epic 14-book fantasy series, Judkins previously wrote and produced on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. He also wrote episodes of Chuck and wrote and produced episodes of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

HBO just got put on notice.

Now Game of Thrones is great, but ramble on RR Martin, can’t hold a candle to King Jordan. It’s like LeBron, to well, Jordan. To those of you not familiar Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time is a 14 book fantasy series that makes Game of Thrones look like Harry Potter. Fan’s revel in the depth of characters, the twists and turns, and the story telling in A Song of Ice and Fire. Hardo’s like to say, the books are better than the show. Well this book is better than that book, and by the transitive property this show will be better than that show. It’s science.

Don’t have time to read 14 books? Well that’s fair, check the link for everything IGN has to tell you in 90 seconds:

Now the rights to this show have been held for years and nothing has been done, and there will be an issue adapting that much content to TV, but it sure is exciting.

In the meantime GOT is back July 16th


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